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How often should I get an eye exam?

by globalopticalshop.com at 6/25/2010 1:41:09 PM

It depends on your age, medical background and risk factors for disease. Eye M.D.s (ophthalmologists) usually recommend the following exam schedules:

Patient Age

Examination Interval


Asymptomatic/Risk Free

At Risk

Birth to 2 yrs

By 6 months of age

By 6 months of age

2 to 5 yrs

At 3 yrs of age

At 3 yrs of age

6 to 18 yrs

Before 1st grade then every 2 yrs


18 to 40 yrs

Every two to three yrs

Every one to two yrs

41 to 60 yrs

Every two yrs

Every one to two yrs



Annually or as needed

Some factors may put you at increased risk for eye disease. If any of these factors applies to you, check with your Eye M.D. to see how often you should have a medical eye exam:

• Developmental delay
• Premature birth
• Personal or family history of eye disease
• Previous serious eye injury
• Use of certain medications (check with your Eye M.D.)
• Certain diseases that affect the whole body (such as diabetes or HIV infection)

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